The Lepus II 3 Axis high speed panel processing machine, designed for more efficient and cost effective panel machining.

The last quarter of 2017 sees Addison Saws introduce a brand new line of 3 Axis Panel Processing Machines to their extensive range. Following the already very successful addition of OZ aluminium machining centers and double mitre saws, Addison's are now offering Oz's panel solutions to the UK market in the form of the Lepus II and Lepus IIL with the later featuring an extended table length for larger panels.

The LEPUS II  machining center is the ideal cost effective solution for rapid and reliable drilling, profiling and milling operations, designed and constructed primarily for large-scale production of composite, aluminium, wood, acrylic and fibre resin materials. Supplied with advanced Alphacam user friendly CAD/CAM 2d software for remote programming and data transfer to the machne by USB or Ethernet connection.

The Lepus II has a working area of 1860 x 4000mm, (lepus 11L  7200mm x 2000mm) accomodating multiple sized material stock. The Lepus is an ideal solution for companies introducing innovative yet proven CE certified technologies for cutting and processing composite-aluminium fa├žade panels and for precise and often intricate patterns in wood, wood-based, composite, aluminium, aluminium-composite or PVC. Larger/smaller sized machines are available custom built to special order.

4 rapidly deployed spindles in turret formation offering an efficiency boosting 2.5 second tool change over time. The 7.5 kW vacuum pump ensures secure material fastening and the division of the table into 5 sections makes it possible to securely fasten smaller surface materials and process them precisely without worrying about slippage.


Want to know more? 

Visit the product page for the Lepus II to download machine brochure and view detailed specifications, alternatively the Lepus II L for the larger panels.