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CSM TMRE 3 stack 4 Axis Push Mandrel Bender

CNC Electric Tube Bending Machine
Servo Driven Bend Arm (C) Axis
Hydraulic clamp die
Hydraulic pressure die
(Y Axis) Carriage with servo motor
Collet (B Axis) rotation with servo motor & hydraullic
Servo tooling shift L/R and U/D
Automatic mandrel lubrication
Anticipated mandrel retraction
Remote control panel
User friendly touch screen HMI with 3D bending simulation
Unlimited number of job programs
Rear Boost for x 1D bending available
3D preview and collision prevention


The TMRE model is a multi-stack electrically & hydraulically controlled mandrel bender which allows full control of the stack positions when 3D bending or rolling tubes and profiles.

The machine is supplied with electrical drive in B, C, X and Y axes (tube rotation, bending, a transverse shift of the bending head, and tube shift) whilst clamping elements and the vertical shift of the bending head (tool exchange) are driven hydraulically. An additional feature includes automatic mandrel lubrication. It is possible to fit the machine with two different bending tools or alternatively the bending tool and pulleys for the rolling of big arches. The machine is operated via a control panel with a touch display located on a portable stand. Software on an industrial PC equipped with Windows XP allows the entering of data for the complete bending cycle whilst saved data can be copied, edited and backed up using the USB connector for data transfer.

TMRE Specification

The following table displays information for each machine in the TMRE range.










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