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CSM TNCPB Tube Bender range

2 Axis Hydraulic NC Tube & Profile Benders
Hydraulic bend arm (C) axis
Hydraulic clamp die
Hydraulic pressure die
Servo driven Y & B axis carriage
Automatic mandrel lubrication
Anticipated mandrel retraction
Remote control panel
User friendly touch screen HMI
Data storage for 1000 jobs (99 standard)
Clamp Boost for x 1D bending available
5 models in the range


Semi-automatic double-axis type TNCPB is intended for 3D bending by one bending tool. The Bender is equipped with two controlled axes – ┬áthe bending arm (C axis) is operated hydraulically and servo drives are used for the rotation of the tube (B-axis), and carriage shift (Y-axis).

Clamping elements are driven hydraulically and is equipped with automatic mandrel lubrication. The machine is operated using a remote panel with touch display mounted on a portable stand and the programmable software allows input of data for a complete bending cycle whilst the memory card has storage for 1000 different product programs. The machine can be equipped with the digital measuring of carriage position (Y-axis).

The following table displays information for each machine in the TNCPB range.

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