Oz Machinery Gemini – II – A

400mm CN Double Mitre Saw with Pivot Head
PLC control system
0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45° right & left angle fixing
Hydro-Pneumatic cutting
Touchscreen control panel
Safe cutting with saw blade barrier
Automatic horizontal and vertical clamps
Automatic size calculation for mold cutting
Cutting at any desired angle between -45° & +45° 
Precision cutting measurement with digital indicator

Oz Machinery Gemini – II – A

400 mm CN double mitre saw, with servo positioning of the moving head for accurate cut lengths. Touch screen HMI for inputting cutting data.

Ø 400 mm saw blade (2 pcs)
Service spanner
Mist spray blade lubrication
Profile support unit
gemini ii A cutting chart
Oz Gemini ii a angle charts

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