OZ Machinery Gemini – VI

600mm 3 Axis CNC Reverse Double Mitre Saw
Bi-directional cutting -22.5 deg - +45 deg
Precision servo driven heads for cutting angle selection
Large graphical touch screen HMI with windows PC control
5000mm bed (with standard long cut cycle can cut up to 7800mm
Step cutting function for cleats or very short mitered pieces
External linking ability (example Orgadata)
Automatic profile height measuring system (OPTION)
Automatic center support
Roller table attached to moving head
Fully adjustable blade stroke to reduce cutting times
Option for vertical vices
Option for label printer
2 x pneumatic automatic pop up supports

Gemini – V1 Double Mitre Saw

6000mm CNC double mitre saw with bi-directional servo drive cutting heads programmed by the cnc, 5000mm bed length. Ideal for cutting aluminium and PVC profiles of various thicknesses to different angles. Designed for larger profiles, the Gemini VI double head cutting machine enables simultaneous cutting of profile lengths from 410 mm to 5050 mm and eliminates the barriers commonly associated with cutting of 5050 mm and longer profiles.


Vertical clamps
Barcode printer
Digital adjustment of saw blade travel distance
Profile height detector
Gemini IV Radial Double Head Cutting Machine chart

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