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Imet Velox 350-AF-E

Pivot style automatic saw
New Multi-function keypad HMI
Manual set Left/right mitre cuts and one way tilt for compound cuts
Manual setting of the cut length with micrometer
Horizontal and vertical quick action pneumatic clamps
Mist spray blade lubrication (option for Addimist pure oil micro mist)
Optional V jaws for bundle cutting of small tubes
520mm pneumatic feeder
355mm scrap end
29 x multiple index for longer lengths

Velox 350 AF-E Automatic circular saw for aluminium

VELOX 350 AF-E is the electronic automatic disc sawing machine for cutting aluminium and light alloys. This machine is suitable for cutting tubes and full sections and has the possibility of cutting up to 45 ° left (in semi-automatic cycle), 45 ° right and up to 45 ° inclined to the vertical.

Cutting capacity at 0° Round: 120mm
Square: 105mm
Cutting capacity at 45° left Round: 115mm
Square: 100mm
Cutting capacity at 45° right Round: 115mm
Square: 100mm
Cutting capacity at 45° inclined tilt Round: 65mm
Square: 60mm
Blade speed 3600rpm
Blade diameter 350mm
Blade motor 2.2KW
Feeder stroke 520mm
mm. scrap end 355mm
Min. length in automatic cycle 15mm
Worktable height 930mm
Coolant tank capacity 40l
Weight 565kg
Dimensions 1800x1300x1800mm

Minimal lubrication system (Optional)

Addimist Pure oil micro-mist blade lubrication system recommended for cutting tubes and sectional material This precision delivery system allows adjustment for the number of pulses per min, and the quantity of each dose. (requires compressed air supply)

Swarf Extractor

Addison EW3 swarf extraction system, with steel container, and manual filter shaking system.

Scrap End Reducer

Scrap end reduction (Optional)

To reduce the scrap to 220mm (minimum
maximum section 170x80mm), for VELOX 350 AF-E are available jaws for scrap end reduction.

V Jaws

V jaws (Optional)

Two pairs of cast iron V jaws to fittings bundles and round bars (max diameter 90 mm.) with tools to mount them

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