JIH AUTO-20-R Angular Saw

Automatic sawing system with NC head rotation & material pusher
NC servo drive material pusher
NC powered head rotation +/-45 deg
7" Touch screen HMI for cutting data input
Variable clamp pressure
speed and stroke
Variable blade feed and stroke
Option for automatic material loading system
Unique main clamp/guard system
Closed cutting zone with interlocked hood

JIH-I Auto 20R Angular Saw

Highly productive cutting cell comprising of large 500mm blade semi-Automatic mitre saw with NC powered head rotation and servo driven material pushing system. The standard machine is manually loaded, there is an option for automatic material loading. The pushing and loading elements are available in customer definable operational lengths, standard is 6500mm. There are many options for the unloading side from simple roller table to robotic transfer.

JIH Auto 20R
Automatic Cutting Angle + 45° ~ 90° ~ – 45°
Sawblade Dimension 24″ (500mm)
Spindle Speed 2800rpm
Motor Power 7.5hp
Cutting Table Area 920mm x 650mm
Cutting Table Height 875mm
Table Rotation Servo Motor 400w
Pusher Servo Motor 750w
Standard Feed Lengths 2.5m or 6.5m
Positioning Accuracy ± 0.15mm
Pushing Force 50kg
Positioning Speed 20~50 m/min
PLC Job Memory Capacity 100
HMI Type 7″ Touch Screen
Machine Weight 2.5m/6.5m 1100kg/1400kg
Dimensions L/W/H 6.5m Version 8400mm x 1100mm x 1850mm
Cutting Capacity Chart

JIH 20 R cutting capacity chart

JIH 20 R finished products charts























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Outfeed roller table

Chip collector

Hydraulic Feeding

Adjustable Pressure

The pressure is adjustable to prevent distortion materials by over force.

Adjustable clamping and feeding height

The clamping and saw feeding height are adjustable according to the profile to shorten the waiting time between cuts.

X2 servo motors

Puncher system and rotary table controlled by servo motor.

Nc control

NC Control panel provides user-friendly operations.

Touch screen

Employs human/ machine interface touch sensing screen for maximum operational convenience. The controller also features a self-diagnostic function for convenient troubleshooting.

Job memory

100 suites memory – commonly used module. (12 different kinds of cutting size per suite can be set up)

The program can record the cutting time and quantity automatically. This information will be displayed for every cut and a working report offered. This  allows the process cost to be calculated more conveniently.

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