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JIH NC24-L & NC24-LB Sawing Centre

High capacity production automatic
NC24-L with 1000mm feeder NC24-LB with 2500mm feeder
Large capacity with linear blade feed system
Hydraulic feed of the saw blade carriage
Piece separation system to eliminate back cutting marking
Cutting data set in the 7" colour touch screen HMI
100 Programs with 12 data lines for size and quantity
Bridge clamping system for maximum flexibility
Pneumatic lifting roller to protect material when feeding
Pure oil micro dose blade lubrication system
Adjustable blade feed & clamp stroke to minimize cycle times
Hard plastic protection in cutting zone
Adjustable clamping pressure

NC24-L & NC24-LB

Recommended for volume production cutting of aluminium extrusions and solids, widely used in the heatsink industry. The heavy construction of this machine together with innovative design and use of highest quality components put this machine right at the top of pile, and that even before we mention the competitive price. You can easily pay double and still not match the performance and reliability this machine.

NC24-L & NC24-LB
Servo Drive System Ball screw (or high precision rack & pinion)
Maximum Feed Stroke NC24=1000mm NC24LB=2500mm
Cutting Accuracy ±0.1mm
Saw Spindle Speed 1500 ~ 3500 rpm with inverter
Motor Power 15hp
Inverter 15hp
Hydraulic Feed Motor 2hp
Servo Motor 1kw (option for 1.5kw)
Cutting Table Height 920mm
Touch Scrren HMI Size 7″
Blade Size Range 250mm to 600mm
Dimensions L x W x H 3500 x 2100 x 1860 mm
Weight 2300kg
Cutting Capacity H x W mm 200 x 200 – 175 x 210 – 130 x 350 – 40 x 400



Pure oil micro-mist blade lubrication system recommended over the standard soluble system, as it delivers a high performance neat oil in minute highly controlled doses. Giving a cleaner working environment with no odours or risk of skin irritation sometimes connected with soluble fluids. Each dose cane be scaled by adjusting the size of each pulse and the frequency of each pulse.

Machine Clamps

The clamps on the feed tale are suited for cutting irregular stock without need of additional fixtures to fix the work piece

Auxiliary Support

Auxiliary support prevents work piece deflection

Transmission Device

Employs precision ground rack with accuracy up to 0.02mm ( suitable for 3 and 6 meter feed travel)

Vacuum Oil Mist Unit

The vacuum oil mist unit employs vacuum generation principle to transform cutting fluid into oil mist for spraying. It effectively provides lubrication and cooling functions, ensuring no dust deposit and saw blade, high cutting accuracy and long service life of your saw blades

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