Kesmak KDS 250x500x3000 Vertical Band Saw

Vertical block and plate bandsaw
Servo feed of cutting head w/ PLC control
Hydraulic blade tensioning
Variable blade speed with inverter
Swarf conveyor
Out of square detection system
Blade breakage detection & auto shutdown
41mm blade: high cutting rates & precision
Blade cleaning brush
Automatic central lubrication

Kesmak KDS 250x500x3000 Vertical Band Saw

Vertical bandsaw for production cutting of large components via a wide 41mm bandsaw blade – the speed of which can be controlled through the inverter. Maximum material capacity is 250mm (H) x 500mm (W) x 3000mm (L), see chart below for more information relating to this bandsaw’s specifications.

KDS 250x500x3000
Capacity Height 250 mm
Capacity Depth 500 mm
Capacity Length 3000 mm
Blade Drive Motor 4 Kw
Hydraulic Pump Motor 0,55 Kw
Coolant Pump Motor 0,25 Kw
Swarf Conveyor 0,18 Kw
Blade size 5560 x 41 x 1,3 mm
Feeding Height 1500 mm
Coolant Tank Capacity 180 ltr
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 12 ltr
Height x Width x Length 29600 x 1940 x 4530 mm
Machine Weight 5700 kg
Laser Line

Addimist Lubrication System

Pure oil micro-mist blade lubrication system recommended for cutting tubes and sectional material where flood lubricant loss through the material is a problem. This precision delivery system allows adjustment for the number of pulses per min, and the quantity of each dose. (requires compressed air supply) The standard flood system is retained for cutting solid material and the operator can simply switch between systems.

Swarf Brush

Hydraulic Blade Tension

Blade Breakage Switch / Stop system

Blade Speed Control Via Inverter

Screw Drive Cutting System

PLC Touchscreen Control Panel

LED Lighting

Swarf Conveyor

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