Mecal FR 801

Light duty manual copy router
Compact construction with large capacity
Spindle height locking
Quick release to change
Pneumatic clamping
Work from template or limit stops
Work on a 1:1 ratio

Mecal FR 801 Copy Router

General light duty preparation of aluminium and PVC extrusions, mainly used in the production of windows, doors, shopfronts, partitioning, curtain walling and lighting etc. Used for milling holes, slots, lock preps and pockets using templates and axis stops.

FR 801
Routing capacity 200×100 mm
Vertical stroke 120 mm
Clamping capacity 220×100 mm
Rotating tool speed 10,000 rpm
Power of the motor 0,37 kW
Height of machine 1400 mm
Width of machine 550 mm
Length of machine 780 mm
Weight of machine 90 kg


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