OZ Machinery Gemini – IV – SA

450mm CN Double mitre saw with pneumatic head tilt
Choice of internal or external tilting heads
Available in 4m - 5m - 6m bed length
NC control system with touch screen HMI
Automatic horizontal clamps (option for vertical)
Manual profile support (option for pneumatic system)
Manual setting of intermediate angles between 90-45 deg
Mist spray blade lubrication

OZ Machinery Gemini – IV – SA

450mm CN double mitre saw with servo positioning of the moving head for precise results. Touch screen HMI for inputting of the cutting data. The Gemini IV SA has the ability to automatically cut longer profiles (eg 4m machine can cut 7m) and features pneumatic tilting of the cutting heads for mitre cuts.

Ø 450 mm saw blade (2 pcs)
Service spanner
Cooling system

Vertical clamps

Barcode printer

Digital adjustment of saw blade travel distance

Conveyor on fixed head

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