Pressta Eisele 3000E - Addison Saws


Pressta Eisele 3000E

Hydraulic corner crimping machine Max profile height 350mm
Electro hydraulic operation
For aluminium and steel profiles
Precisely equalised crimping pressure
Descending V block for easy loading
Self adjusting V block
Secure pneumatic clamping
Magnetic feeler for rapid adjustment
Adjustable support arms
Adjustable support arms
Adjustable spread restrictors
Max profile height 350mm

Pressta 3000E Corner Crimper

Precise joining of aluminium and steel profiles over internal cleats. Generally used in the production of aluminium windows & doors, internal partitioning, automotive and railway stock glazing, marine glazing, sign making and lighting products.

Max Profile Height 350 mm
Max tool Height (crimping height) 250mm
Max V block height 200mm
Max number of tools per head 4
Crimping point scope 30mm – 60mm
Max profile width –mm
Smallest inside frame dimension 195mm
Crimping power per head 100KN
Working height 940mm
Foot print 15000mm x 850mm
Weight 1200kg


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