Steam Oxide Vapo Coated Saw Blade

High Speed Steel circular saw blades
Standard blades are steam oxide coated
Use Addicut flood coolant to prevent pick up and over heating.

Steam Oxide Vapo HSS Circular Saw Blades

High Speed Steel circular saw blades manufactured from M2 or M35 Cobalt for slow rpm chop saws, such as our IMET range. Suitable for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous materials. PVD coated or Cobalt blades available for stainless steels and other arduous applications.


Standard blades are steam oxide coated, this increases wear resistance and helps retain cutting fluid for  a better blade life. To ensure optimum blade life use Armourtech flood coolant to prevent pick up and over heating.

Standard Stock

HSS M2 steam oxide coated blanks, toothed, hollow ground to hub with multi pin holes. We can cut from blanks if your application requires specific tooth angles or tooth form.

  • Manufactured from high speed steel also known as M2 or DMo5
  • Heat treated to 64/65 Rockwell
  • We also manufacture from 5% Cobalt high speed steel, also known as M35 or EMo5Co5
  • Heat treated to 65/66 Rockwell


Suitable for mild steels & non ferrous materials and to be used on slow revving cold saws, general speeds 40/80rpm. These saw blades can be re-sharpened up to 20>30 times depending on your min ODØ requirements.

Compatible with Adige, Baier, Barson, Bewo, Bimax, Brobo Waldown, Conni, Demurger, Doringer, Eisele, Fabris, Femi, Fong-Ho, Harberle, IBP, Pedrazzoli, Kaltenbach, Kasto, Kinstone, Macc, Maco, Mair, MEP, Metora, Omes, O.M.P, R.G.A, Robejo, Rohbi, Scotchman, Simec, Sinico, Soco, Startrite, Stayer, Thomas, Trennjaeger, Ulmira, Viemme, Wagner, Wahlen, Weidmann, Wahlen, Weidmann, Winter, Wunsch

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