Tronzadoras MG TLG 352 M Aluminium Saw

Manual rising blade mitre saw
Left and right mitre through 180deg left/right
Moveable back fence for wider cut capacity
Enclosed cutting zone with interlocked hood
Blade stroke limiter for fast repetition cutting
Secure manual clamping
Manual blade lubrication
Preperation for swarf extraction

Tronzadoras MG TLG 352 M Aluminium Saw

Manual rising blade mitre saw ideal for general use where no compressed air supply is available. The easy rotating tale offers mitre cuts left and right through 180 degrees.

Technical  TLG-352-M
Capacity 90° – Round 125 mm
Capacity 90° – Square 110 mm
Capacity 90° – Rectangle 175 x 75 mm
Capacity 45° – Round 105 mm
Capacity 45° – Square 85 mm
Capacity 45° – Rectangle 100 x 80 mm
Motor 2 HP
Blade Diameter  Ø 350 mm
Blade Speed 3000 RPM
Blade Axis Diameter 32 mm
Maximum Cutting Height 125 mm
Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 870 x 710 x 1435 mm
Working Height 970 mm
Cutting Chart:

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EW-3 Extraction

Complete swarf extraction system taking from both above and below the cutting table, highly efficient and fully compliant to handle aluminium, pvc, brass, wood, copper and composite materials. The steel container is removable for easy emptying, and the filter bags are maintained with either the standard manual shake lever or the optional pneumatic shake.

MG Digital Angle Display

Digital display of the cutting angle, accurate to 0.1deg, (factory fit option)

Laser line

Saw Blade

350 mm diam Blade saw included

Mitre turning table from -60º to +60º

2HP motor

1x manual clamping

Sliding bacnturret to increase the cutting capacity of the machine

Manual lubrification

Manual raise of the blade

Polycarbonate shield ​

Additrack 3MS

Roller support table with manual set material stop and graduated scale. 3000mm long with 280mm wide rollers (100kg point loading) available with steel rollers and neoprene coated rollers for aluminium and materials with a sensitive surface finish. Adjustable support legs are available together with connection brackets. The modules can be joined for longer lengths.

MG TM-Measuring System

Roller table with hand-wheel positioned material stop and battery LCD display of the selected cutting length. Fitted with soft coated rollers to protect the material surface finish.

MG TMDG-Measuring System

3 – 4 – 6  roller table with hand-wheel positioned material stop, and powered digital display of the cutting length and higher accuracy than the TM version.

MG Autopos-Measuring System

3-4-6 Roller table with NC positioned material stop, touch screen HMI and memories for storing multiple jobs. There is also a version with USB for easy office programming.

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